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Best Baby Products For Your Newborn At Dublin Baby Shop

Bringing a newborn baby home to Dublin or anywhere else is very exciting, although it can also be a little daunting! It can seem like there are so many baby products that need to be bought, you simply do not know where to start. Let’s take a look with Nicole from Baby Shop Dublin at a few of the best baby products for your new little bundle of joy.


Sleepers And Nightgowns

Newborns love to sleep! You will need plenty of stretchy sleepers that will keep your little one snug from head to toe. Of course, babies don’t stay little forever, they grow way too fast. That means that, unless you are coming down with money, don’t opt for all the super cute, yet super expensive, sleepers, you will soon be out a fortune!



Baby Caps

If you live in a cold climate, like Dublin in December or your little ones have entered the world during the winter months, a supply of baby caps is essential. Much heat is lost from the top of the head so keeping your newborn snug on top is a great way to keep them content. You will find plenty of choices when it comes to cute baby caps so remember you need a few, not one for every day of the week!


Baby Bath Tub

Bath time for your baby is a great time to bond. Of course, to have bath time you are going to need a baby bath! Don’t forget to buy special baby wash and shampoo as well, your little one is still fragile and the last thing you want is to use something that will cause irritation.



Certainly, bringing a newborn home is a wonderful event. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the baby products you think you need to buy, rather focus on the essentials and enjoy your new addition to your growing Dublin family.