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When you have a fun and tiny addition to your growing Galway family, there are plenty of things you need to buy! In fact, the list of essential baby products can seem never-ending! One item which you are sure to need is a baby bouncy chair or a baby rocker. Let’s take a look at a few of the top choices on the market.



The Joie Baby Serina 2 in 1 for the Galway Baby

A great multi-motion ride for your little bundle of joy, this choice swings from front to back as well as from side to side; perfect baby comfort! You can use any of the six different speeds, as well as the night light, lullabies, nature sounds and toy bar.

This option is great for newborns as it has an infant body support which is both removable and washable. In addition, the luxury seat pad keeps your little one feeling snug and comfy after all a relaxed baby means a relaxed parent!





The East Coast 360 Dreamer Rocker – Galway Baby Shop


You know that moment when you realize that your baby has fallen asleep in the bouncer and dread waking them up when you move them? The East Coast 360 Dreamer Rockers solves this problem in an instant. The easy release allows you to lower it into a flat napping position, meaning your baby can keep sleeping and you can get on with the housework …. or that well-deserved cup of coffee!


Indeed, of all the baby products that you will need, a great chair or rocker is absolutely essential. Choosing one that is both comfortable and practical is a great way to keep your little one relaxed and comfortable, two elements that greatly contribute to your sanity as a new parent!